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LMAX Exchange

LMAX Exchange uses Azul’s Zing® for continuous performance optimization of its low latency execution venue.

Low Latency FX Trading

LMAX Exchange and Azul form strategic partnership to optimize low latency performance

LMAX Exchange

LMAX Exchange is the first FCA regulated Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) for FX trading. Their customers benefit from superior and consistent low-latency trading.

LMAX Exchange is using Azul Zing as a technology foundation to deliver consistently reliable performance, high throughput and low latency execution. The two companies are also collaborating at the engineering level to continuously optimize the low latency performance of Azul’s Java solutions.

"LMAX Exchange is already one of the fastest execution venues for FX and our deep technological collaboration with Azul will help to ensure we continue to deliver even faster and more consistent execution for our clients in the future."

Edward McDaid
LMAX Exchange

Azul Zing

LMAX Exchange is using Zing to ensure consistent trade execution and high reliability. LMAX will benefit from Zing without having to make any changes to its unique trading software architecture, approach to software development or its advanced continuous delivery process.

Consistent Low Latency

Consistent Low Latency

LMAX uses Zing to ensure low latency trade execution



Zing scalability supports LMAX’s rapid growth

Meets Standards

Meets Standards

No changes needed to LMAX’s unique software architecture or development approach

Start delivering consistent low latency today.

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