Here's what you need to know to run Zing

Zing® is a complete JDK for Java SE 8, 7 or 6. The Zing JDK is simple to install and requires no coding change to existing applications. Zing runs on Linux-based x86 platforms. 

To check your system’s Java settings for compatibility with Zing, download the optional Azul Inspector tool here.

For additional information, view the Zing online documentation.

System Requirements

Hardware Processors

  • Intel: Xeon server class processors released 2009 and later
  • AMD: Opteron server class processors released 2010 and later

Memory and Cores

  • Minimum
    • 1 GB or greater
    • 2 or more cores

Zing Supported Platforms

  • x86: 64 bit Linux
    • RHEL 5.2 or later, 6.0 or later and 7.0 or later
    • Oracle Linux 6.0 or later and 7.0 or later
    • SLES 11 SP4; SLES 12 SP1, SP2, SP3 
    • CentOS 5.2 or later, 6.0 or later and 7.0 or later
    • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, 16.04 LTS, and 14.04 LTS
    • Debian Stretch, Wheezy, and Jessie
    • Amazon Linux (4.9)
    • CoreOS 4.13.16

Zing Deployment Architectures

  • Hardware, Virtualized (VMWare/KVM), and Cloud (Amazon EC2, Azure, Google Compute Cloud, Rackspace, multiple private clouds) and Docker deployments are all supported

JDK Version

  • Java SE 8, 7 and 6
  • Feature preview support for JDK 11

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